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Snoop Dogg – Vibin’ With The Nyabighi In Jamaica (Video)

April 20, 2012

Perhaps lately you’ve noticed Snoop Dogg‘s typical Dicky’s outfit laced with an alarming amount of red, green and gold.  That’s because Snoop’s spare time is no longer preoccupied by Pop-Warner or Father Hood, but drum roll… he’s now #snooplion (aka. Bob Marley Reincarnated).  Check this footage of him deep in the Jamaica hills with local Nyabinghi.  Jaaaaaaaaaaah!


Friendzone ~ Collection 1

April 18, 2012

Here‘s a collection of past tracks from some of favorite producers period, Friendzone from Oaktown,  CA… And don’t worry ’cause you know we’ll always be friends.

Friendzone   /^\    !!-Major

Friendzone   /^\   Chuch

Friendzone   /^\   Moments (Part 1)

jj – Beautiful Life (Video)

April 15, 2012

A few weeks ago jj released “Beautiful Life” which is off the new 7′ due May 8th via Secretly Canadian.  Here’s the video counterpart to that track.  What I want to know is how jj keeps making these gorgeous songs?

jj   /^\   Beautiful Life

Beach Velvet ~ S/T

March 23, 2012

To me ‘spring fever’ is just a phrase that translates to: ok, so when is it really going to be summer?  Around these parts spring break is happening, and this year for the Teepee that spells Berlin, Germany.  It’s unique for me to venture to temperate climates during break.  So with that in mind, I’ll post a really cool (and Canadian) droned-out beach record, Beach Velvet‘s self-titled release (grab it here).  Here’s to the sun finding you (and me) in the very near future.

Beach Velvet   /^\   Beechwood Tree

Beach Velvet   /^\   Ezra’s First High Tide

Beach Velvet   /^\   Dreaming of You

“VICE Kills Texas” featuring A$AP Rocky and Trash Talk ~ SXSW 3.17.12 (Video)

March 22, 2012

On Saturday while heading to the NFOP showcase (which was amazing and the exact opposite of what I’m about to talk about), I passed a wall of official posters for the VICE party: VICE Kills Texas.  Given my lack of seeing larger shows during south-by, I made a point to go out with a bang.  It doesn’t hurt when A$AP Rocky and Trash Talk are together on the same bill.  For some reason I felt I really shouldn’t miss this show.

I arrived an hour early just to make sure I got in, and it took about another hour for me to get in once the doors opened (words of wisdom for promoters: please don’t use iPads for guest-lists, paper works just fine).  Upon entering, I was one of the first inside, so I grabbed a few drinks and then found some space on the rail. Lee Spielman’s (Trash Talk) first few words were, “Hey guys… throw your beers around, fucking shits free!”  Watch the first segment of the video below and you’ll understand why I lasted a good ten seconds before retreating to the back.  Trash Talk’s twenty-five minute booze fueled set was raw and insane!  There came a time when I needed to go further back because folding chairs and trashcans began to fly through the air.  After watching the guitarist climb one of hanging stacks in effort to leave the stage in true punk (or death) style, it became apparent to me that there was nobody running or securing this party.  It was just rabid fans, crazy artists, and enough free alcohol to last till St. Patrick’s Day 2013.

It took at least another 30-45 minutes for A$AP and his mob to appear.  Once again I decided to secure rail space, in hopes to get extra-trill.  Again, I lasted about ten seconds (shoutout A$AP’s tie-dye Thrasher hoody) before I bailed and went stage right.  This is where the first instance of beer throwing occurred.  The guy was right next to me and he was definitely w-a-s-t-e-d.  If he wasn’t black-out after his first ‘Wassup’ whooping, I’m sure he was by about 2:53 (watch the white and red hat come from right to left and throw a cheap shot) and 3:10 when wasted boy comes back for more.

At this point I really didn’t know what to think, but it was very clear that A$AP Rocky wasn’t fronting when he said “my nigga’s are everywhere around you”.  As for the final throw-down, it wasn’t about Squadda B’s bandana; it was about the crowd being relentless, testing threats, and ultimately not giving a fuck.  When I saw A$AP and his brother (plus about 4 others) leap from the stage into the crowd, I straight ran to the bar.  What’s so amazing is that amongst all the chaos, the bartenders were still serving drinks (at this point it’s about 3:30 AM).  Exactly what we all needed, more booze.  In that case: I’ll take two tallboy’s – please pour those on my head, and one vodka soda (w/three limes) for my cab ride to the airport.

The walk down 6th was interesting, as I was trying to process the night/morning’s events.  In the end, I decided each entity involved was at fault – from the fans, to A$AP Mob, to VICE.  Fans: If I continually throw beer at a family member even they would decide enough is enough (let alone some dudes on-stage rapping about “coke and white bitches”).  A$AP Rocky and his mob: you’re high profile artists now, you can’t just jump in the crowd and start pounding people’s faces.  VICE: you guys are into viral shit, are you sure you didn’t purposely book two artists together that are bound to almost kill part of Texas?

I don’t really know what trill means, but I’m pretty sure if you were at the VICE party on St. Paddy’s… you in fact got trill.  This was by far one of the wildest shows I’ve ever been to!  Enjoy the footage.

PORTALS Presents: Memoryhouse at Larimer Lounge 3.5.12

March 5, 2012

Today PORTALS presents one of my favorite artists from the past few years… Memoryhouse at the Larimer Lounge in Denver, CO (buy tickets here).  Check this video stream featuring visuals to accompany each track from their gorgeous new full-length The Slideshow Effect.  Hopefully we’ll see you there!

Sweet Lights – Endless Town (Video)

February 7, 2012

I’m always pretty excited when I see something new from Sweet Lights (aka. Shai Halperin)… Sweet Lights’ new single “Endless Town” plays on his upbringing in Philadelphia, and visually the song explores his ancestry (amongst other things) by including the faces of Shai’s great great grandfather, 1st cousin 4 times removed, great grandma, and both of his parents.  Props to Albert Birney for directing this animated collage of wonder!  The see-through vinyl of “Endless Town” / “Handle With Care” is due on 3.5.12 via Highline Records.  Till then, feel that bittersweet glow through one of my favorite Sweet Lights covers… Sharon Van Etten‘s “One Day”.

Sweet Lights   /^\   One Day (Sharon Van Etten Cover)

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