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Fall is in the air and so is GOLDRUSH 2012!

September 20, 2012

I’m typing this post on the eve of GOLDRUSH Music Festival 2012, a festival I founded and co-run with two amazing friends back in Colorado. If you’re in Denver, make sure you come. We (especially Crawford) went above and beyond in all the right ways this year! We have so many off the wall artists and incredible little treats in store for the weekend. Just announced today is the free day shows for GOLDRUSH to be held at Wax Trax in Denver from 2-6 PM on Friday and 12-4 PM on Saturday.

Tickets are still available for the actual festival at Deer Pile right, grab them while you still can here! I would make sure you buy a ticket before heading to Deer Pile, as the venue is only 150 person capacity and we only have a few tickets left at this point. GOLDRUSH fever!!!

To all the artists – Barn Owl (San Francisco, CA), Ttotals (Nashville, TN), Caddywhompus (New Orleans, LA), StaG (Boulder, CO), Panabrite (Seattle, WA), Discoverer (Kansas City, MO), Former Selves (Oakland, CA), Echo Beds (Denver, CO), Alphabets (Denver, CO), Aloonaluna (San Francisco, CA), M. Sage (Ft. Collins, CO) The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact (Denver, CO), Outlands (Blacksburg, VA), Kick Majestic (Ft. Collins, CO), Vyxor (Berkeley, CA), Radere (Boulder, CO) Breakfastes (Denver, CO), and my good friends… I can’t freaking wait! I will see you tomorrow night (and the next)!


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